Celebrating ten years in the music business this year, Malachi's latest album 'Songs for the Soul' has now been released. With a different feel than Malachi's previous work, this religious album is bursting with music to inspire and heal your soul on any sacred journey. Preview and buy now on Itunes.

Malachi Cush makes music effortless. He has a numinous quality to his voice that is timeless and is a great respecter of tradition. I am honoured that Malachi chose to record some of my music, introducing a whole new group of people to new music, which is a gift for any composer. I have no doubt that he will continue to touch lives hearts for years to come.

Liam Lawton


Songs for the Soul

Released: 07 October 2011.
Malachi´s most recent release is a beautiful collection of spiritual and religious pieces. The album includes favourites such as ´Voice of an Angel´ written by Fr. Liam Lawton and ´Morning has Broken´.


Timeless Traditions

Released: 20 February 2009.
Recorded at Amberville Studios and engineered by Michael Keeney, Timeless Traditions is a return to the songs and music Malachi grew up with. The twelve track album includes well known favourites such as Spanish Lady, County Tyrone, I Wish My Love was a Red Red Rose alongside lesser well known gems such as Lover's Heart, The Creel and The Soldier's Farewell. Malachi is joined on the album by Donegal singer Deirdre Bonner on track 3, Ned of the Hill and track 9, Peggy Gordon. .


New Day

12 November 2007.
November 2007 saw the release of Malachi´s third studio album New Day. Following the success of his debut album Malachi in 2003 and the self-penned single Just say You Love Me which proved to be a huge hit in Thailand, Malachi was delighted to have the opportunity to record more of his own material.


Blessed be the One

Released: 10 October 2008.
Following his participation in The Christian Music Festival in Nashville, Malachi co-wrote "Blessed Be The One" and recorded it with Joanne Cash (sister of Johnny Cash). It was released as a single in USA and went straight to no. 1 in the New Christian Music Chart.


Celtic Heartbeat

Released: 09 February 2010.
Malachi took great pleasure in the release of Celtic Heartbeat in 2005. Having grown up in Co. Tyrone steeped in traditional Irish folk music this was the music closest to his heart. It proved to be a great favourite across Irish shores and continues to sell throughout Europe and the USA.



Released: 24 March 2003.
Malachi´s debut album Malachi (Mercury/Universal 2003) sold over 100,000 copies and entered the Top Twenty album charts in both Ireland and the UK. His self-penned single Just Say You Love Me from the same album held the number one spot in the Easy Listening chart in Thailand for five weeks.